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About Us

Explorer Summer Kids’ Camps is an international summer camp at Lake Bohinj, Slovenia for children aged 7 – 17 with Junior, Tween and Senior programs.

We focus on building real-life skills through a vast array of outdoor and indoor activities and games completely run by native English speakers.

No books. No classrooms. No lectures. No boredom. No phones! Just real-life English in real-life situations with real-life FUN!

All campers are challenged to step outside their comfort zones and realise their full potential. To do this, Explorer Camps creates a warm, welcoming environment where campers can be themselves without fear of judgment.

We call it a camper-centred program, the campers call it the best summer ever!

At Explorer Camps we guarantee you do something you've never done before and with a 81% camper return rate it's clear to see that they love the challenge.

“When’s the last time YOU did something for the first time?” 


6 Reasons Why Explorer Camps

There are many very good reasons why Explorer Camps has an 81% return rate amongst campers and has become the most popular international camp in this reason. Below are just 6 examples of why:

  1. 30 + outdoor activities including canoeing, kayaking, zip lining, biking, hiking, stand up paddling, survival courses, raft games, archery, water games, teambuilding, rock climbing, slackline course, swimming, survival skills, arts & crafts, campfire ccooking, summer tobogganing and orienteering.
  2. Building life skills through our Life Skills Program improves campers' soft skills such as communication, creativity, critical thinking and team which are needed for both academic success and future employment by engaging campers in fun and challenging activities.
  3. Family focused and experienced team with English native speaker counsellors from around the world who share the same goal: to make a positive and long-lasting affect on every single camper. There is a camper : counselor ration of 6 : 1.
  4. Emphasis on safety with Slovenia being Slovenia is in the top 10 safest countries in Europe and Lake Bohinj amongst the top 3 safest lakes in Europe to swim in. Adding to this, all staff have 1st Aid training in all areas connected to camper safety plus an in-depth approach to risk management.
  5. No electronic devices  such as phone, iPads, X-boxes, mP3s etc.  are banned for the duration of camps to ensure campers are free of distractions and can truly relax and enjoy their experience in nature.
  6. Global friendships with over 18 different nationalities on camp, it's a fantastic place for campers from around the world to gather and learn about different cultures , broaden their horizons while practicing tolerance and understanding.

Junior Program

Campers have the best of both worlds: the camaraderie and support found in a group setting with campers of all ages, while also more of the individualized age specific choices that spark their curiosity.

Some of the highlights of the Junior Explorer program are on top of the normal activities are:


Senior Program

Senior Explorers, aged 13 – 17,  get the most freedom to tailor their activities to their current interests. With the guidance of our very experienced and caring counsellors, teens are regularly given the option to customise large portions of their days with morning and evening choice sessions designed to grow accountability and personal responsibility.

Some of the highlights of being a Senior Explorer are:

  • Overnight stay away from camp, sleeping under the stars and cooking for themselves
  • Zip Lining
  • Night canoe trip
  • Rafting adventure down class 1 – 2 rapids
  • Real-Life team building challenges
Hotel Kovac, Sela, Osilnica,, Slovenia

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