Listing Guidelines

To add a FREE listing or a PAID listing to Adventure Hub Ireland please follow the details below.

Add a Basic Listing


Your Paid Listing is Full of Features.

Add up to 10 images and 3 Videos, 2 Categories, and 1 Location too.

This listing is Paid and Valid for 3 Years.

Update as often as you like, but at least once a Year.

You can showcase your adventure, activity, tour or accommodation.

This is a Paid listing. The listing is valid for 36 months.

You will be prompted to update your listing’s details prior to listing expiry date.

Once you submit your listing, your login details will be emailed to you so you can access your dashboard. You can login to your dashboard to edit your listing’s details. You may add more than one listing. We reserve the right to edit listings we deem inappropriate. If you need extra categories added please contact us and we will consider your request.

Thanks, in advance, for your listing.

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