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Diver Speared through Head and Survives.

Diver Speared through Head and Survives.

Hugo's a lucky man.

This diver ended up with a 3-foot spear through his head, according to original reports from Brazil and the Diario de Pernambuco.

The 27-year-old diver was spearfishing with a buddy when the spear ended up entering his head, and partially leaving it too.

Spear Fishing. Adventure Ireland.

This horrific event occurred at the Rio Paranaiba dam in Araguari Brazil. Visibility in the water was poor, leading to the spear entering Hugo’s head. His diving buddy wasn’t so careful with his shot, obviously. So now they will be rather famous we are sure.

Spear through head. Adventure Ireland.

The projectile missed his brain so, luckily for all concerned, his life has been spared.

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